Comrade Wang Pinmu has achieved a series of honours successively,  such as Excellent Teacher of Shandong Province , One of 100 Provincial Outstanding Headmasters, One of Ten Educational News Figures, Member of Public Group of Refreshing Educational Conception(altogether 9 members), Advisor for China’s Western Regional Education, ,Academic and Technical Leader of Jinan, Excellent Young Intellectual of Jinan, Top Talent of Jinan, One of Ten Best Headmasters of Jinan, Top Professional Talent of Jinan in 2005, Educational Creative Headmaster of Shandong Province in 2008.

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    Jigang Senior High School of Shandong Province is a boarding high school directly under the Jinan City Bureau of Education. With the humanistic administration and a galaxy of distinguished teachers, the school has been maintaining the fine tradition of rigorous scholarship and rich style of study to improve the overall quality of education. Since its inception, the school has won such honorary titles as the Standardized School of Shandong Province, the Instructional Model School of Shandong Province, the Provincial Training School of Traditional Athletic Events, the Provincial Model School of E-education, and the Jinan City Model School of Art Education.
    Situated at 46 Sangyuan Road of Jinan City, the school covers an area of some 18 acres. With beautiful environment and well-equipped facilities, its campus can hold as many as 3000 students in 54 classes as well as a teaching and administrative staff of more than 220. The school has also been widely praised by people from all walks of life for its advanced philosophy of education and distinctive characteristics of management because it has prepared a large number of qualified candidates for colleges and universities in recent years. In 2007, the school was authorized by the Bureau of Education to be one of the four pilot high schools in Shandong Province that have the qualifications to recommend their outstanding graduates to colleges and universities each year.
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